Salt & Light: Photo Journal by Ryan Pernofski

Salt & Light: Photo Journal by Ryan Pernofski


An immersive collection of beautiful & surreal seascapes, with stories, musings & photography tips by Ryan Pernofski, from the first three years of shooting in & around the ocean.

Size: 180mm x 240mm
Page Extent: 128
Soft Touch Cover

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“…you can almost hear the soft ripple of your flippers breaking the surface, the sharp crack of a wave throwing out over shallow reef, the sound of a bird flying past. The images make you feel like you’re there—and when it comes to the medium of photography, you can’t ask much more of it than that.” — Tracks Magazine

“11/10 RECOMMEND this book for ocean lovers. Gorgeous pictures of the waves and water. Looking at it makes me relax” Renee

“This book inspires me, it sparks my excitement at the possibilities with Photography…” - Hannah (via goodreads)

“This book is beautiful. Follow this guy on Instagram, too. This makes a great coffee table book an/or gift for those who love the beach/water/surfing.” - Bradley J. Ayres