Returns Etc.


Due to the large range of products on our store, we cannot guarantee a return or exchange. Refunds can occur only if your order has not shipped yet. So make sure you check your order email to make sure you ordered the correct item. For any questions please email

Damaged Items
In the unlikely & unfortunate circumstance of receiving a product that was damaged during transit, please email a photo of the package & product so we can send to the postal service and arrange refunds / reshipments. Please note that if you damage your item once it is in your care — it is your responsibility and a refund or return cannot always be arranged or at least a percentage will be taken off the refund amount to cover production costs. 


We aren’t a clothes store (yet haha). So we don’t order the products from a supplier and we certainly don’t hold our products on consignment. When ordering from the Ryan Pernofski Store, you are ordering directly from the manufacturer of most of our items. And as there’s such a large range of options, if you change your mind, we can’t restock that item and sell it at full price. So if you want to exchange something, we’ll have to take a percentage off the transaction (depending on the product).

For any questions please email — also please note while I do my best to reply to DM’s — I definitely can’t get to all of your questions, so just email us there and you’ll be sure to get a response.